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525,000 moments so dear

The Rent Claims Community

The Rent Claims Community
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Welcome to rent_claims!

1. Each member is allowed THREE claims. What can you claim? Songs, characters, cast members, lines...anything Rent related!
2. There are plenty of things to claim, so no double/triple/etc. claiming of one thing.
3. If you leave the community, please post so your claims can be put back up for claiming.
4. No promoting of other communities - I'll delete promotional posts.

Everyone be nice and have fun!

The Claims List

Actors/Actresses/Other VIPs
Adam Pascal - x_itsmylife_x
Andy Meeks (from the most recent Collins Tour) - yodallama
Anthony Rapp - kellielewis923
Bryce Ryness - misswritten
Caren Lyn Manuel (Mark's Mom/Mimi/Maureen swing) - chale
Cary Shields - broadwaybaby89
Collin Hanlon - stumpthegreat
Constantine Maroulis (played Roger Davis) - techiactor7
Diana Kaarina - mindofwerc
Enrico Rodriguez - howtomove
Frenchie Davis ("Seasons of Love" soloist) - ive_said2_much
Gilles Chiasson (original Steve, waiter, squeegeeman, etc.) - noble_knave
Idina Menzel - x_itsmylife_x
Jai Rodriguez (played Angel) - kazokuhouou
Jed Resnick - misswritten
Jennifer Colby Talton - misswritten
Jesse L. Martin - mercedeslove
Jonathan Larson - mnmstarr
Joshua Kobak - kellielewis923
Justin Brill - angel_1stdegree
Kendra Kassebaum - violettree
Maggie Benjamin (played Maureen) - chale
Marcus Paul James (currently playing Mr. Jefferson, etc. on Broadway) - bronzin_it
Matt Caplan - x_itsmylife_x
Merle Dandridge (current Joanne) - mindofwerc
Neil Patrick Harris (played Mark Cohen) - tornado88o
Norbert Leo Butz (played Roger Davis) - karli4eva221
Rosario Dawson - karli4eva221
Sherie (René) Scott (played Maureen Johnson) - __movingtoofast
Taye Diggs - trekkiepirate
Tim Howar - rabidfangirlism
Tracie Thoms - forever_elphaba
Trey Ellett - staticradar
Wilson Jermaine Heredia - stalkmeback

Angel Schunard - bronzin_it
April - staticradar
Benjamin Coffin III - bargaining
Joanne Jefferson - ive_said2_much
Mark Cohen - tornado88o
Mark's mom - mindofwerc
Maureen Johnson - xbroadwaydivax
Mimi Marquez - takemebaby
Roger Davis - broadwaybaby89
Roger's mother - otakuoverlorde
Tom Collins - koriemo

"And Mark Cohen will preview his new documentary about his inablitiy to hold an erection on the high holy days!" - robotzz_
"Anyone alive with a sex drive?" - tolavieboheme
"Are we a thing? Darling, we're everything." - partyscene
"But who could foretell that it would go so well? For as sure as I am here, that dog is now in doggy hell!" - heartplace
"Does your boyfriend know who your last boyfriend was?" - darko4ever
"For someone who longs for a community of his own, who's with his camera, alone?" - nohappy_endings
"He was the same way he was always, 'Run away - hit the road - don't commit - you're full of shit!'" - loseyour_heart
"Hey mister, she's my sister." - kidsgirl
"How do you document real life when real life's getting more like fiction each day?" - kazokuhouou
"I can’t control my destiny, I trust my soul, my only goal is just to be." - mnmstarr
"I didn't recognize you without the handcuffs." - stalkmeback
"I don't own emotion, I rent!" - stumpthegreat
Collins: "I like boys!"
Angel: "Boys like me!" - grimmerlove
"I think I should be laughing, yet I forget--forget how to begin." - howtomove
"I think they meant it when they said you can't buy love, now I know you can rent it, a new lease you are, my love, on life, all my life. I've longed to discover something as true as this is." - nycbound07
"I'm lonely, bored, and horny!" (from the NYTW) - stayinmylife
"In Cyberland, we only drink Diet Coke...Diet Coke...Diet Coke..." - techiactor7
"It was bad for me - was it bad for you?" - bargaining
"I've got an itch to be a bitch." (from the NYTW) - loseyour_heart
"Kiss me, it's beginning to snow..." - shaeberry
"...Kiss Pookie" - forever_elphaba
"Let's go eat - I'll just get fat, it's the one vice left..." - killerqueen866
"Love you! Call...Love you too. I hate the fall." (from the NYTW) - stayinmylife
"Me? I'm here...Nowhere." - sharpiestars
"Moo with me." - allie_chan
"No day but today." - thealiasiskatie
"Not in my backyard, utensils! Go back to CHINA! (Bee dee bong!)" - shaeberry
"One blaze of glory." - rnbwconnection7
"Remember a year in the life of friends." - nycbound07
"She died, her name was April." - staticradar
"She said she was more of a man than he'd ever be and more of a woman then he'd ever get." - nycbound07
"Speak!" (Beep!) - elphaba_thropp
"Tell the folks at home what you're doing, Roger." - otakuoverlorde
"The film maker cannot see, and the song writer cannot hear." - xicheerbearix
"The heart may freeze, or it can burn." - thefinalflight
"The narration crackles and pops with incendiary wit." - allie_chan
"There is no future, there is no past, I live each moment as my last." - __movingtoofast
"There will always been women in rubber flirting with me!" - kidsgirl
"There's only us, there's only this; forget regret, or life is yours to miss
No other road, no other way, no day but today." - ive_said2_much
"To being an us for once, instead of a them!" - mad16
"To marijuana!" - sofetchchrissay
"To mucho masturbation!" - killerqueen866
"To S&M!" - grimmerlove
"Walking through fire without a burn." - moonlight_steel
"We'll make it yet we'll somehow get to Santa Fe...but you'd miss New York before you could unpack." - nohappy_endings
"When you're dying in America at the end of the millennium, you're not alone." - moonlight_steel
"Why am I the witness? And when I capture it on film, will it mean that it's the end and I'm alone?" - _tifalockhart
"Why is it easier to return to a friend then to burn with a lover to the end?" (from the NYTW) - darko4ever
"You always said how lucky you were that we were all friends. But it was us, baby, who were the lucky ones." - partyscene
"You pretend to create and observe when you really detach from feeling alive." - sharpiestars
"You're always preaching not to be numb, when that's how you thrive." - yodallama

AZT - koriemo
Angel's drumsticks - allie_chan
Angel's flowery white skirt - heartplace
Angel's pickle tub - jam21
Angel's Santa outfit - thealiasiskatie
Collins forcing Angel to the ground and then the slap!twirl at "To S&M!" in the movie - grimmerlove
Collins' coat (bought by Angel) - theonlysupergir
Collins' hat - loveisblooming
Collins' orange vest - __movingtoofast
Joanne's coat with the white fuzzy collar and cuffs - theonlysupergir
La Bohème (Larson's inspiration for Rent) - killerqueen866
Long table from the Life Cafe that Marky dances on - trekkiepirate
Mark's camera - noellelizbeth
Mark's dancing skills - tolavieboheme
Mark's beautiful eyes - loveisblooming
Mark's glasses - kazokuhouou
Mark's lingering crush on Angel - quinby
Mark's plaid coat - tolavieboheme
Mark's red boxers - elphabactress
Mark's scarf - xicheerbearix
Mark's suit from "Tango: Maureen" - robotzz_
Mark's sweater - noble_knave
Mark's video footage - mnmstarr
Mark and Roger's friendship - stayinmylife
Maureen's catsuit - noellelizbeth
Maureen's chips - shaeberry
Maureen's cowbell - xbroadwaydivax
Maureen's pants from OTM - kidsgirl
Meatless balls - robotzz_
Mimi's blue leather pants - violettree
Mimi's candle - nohappy_endings
Mimi's kimono/robe (from before she sings "Out Tonight") - mad16
Mimi's lawnchair handcuff dance - loseyour_heart
Mimi's mini skirt (from the beginning of the show) - elphabactress
Musetta's Theme - stumpthegreat
"Pookie" (the nickname) - forever_elphaba
Roger's guitar - noellelizbeth
Roger's leather jacket - elphaba_thropp
Roger's plaid pants - rabidfangirlism
Roger and Mimi's small, lovely kiss - rnbwconnection7
Stoli bottle - moonlight_steel
Tom Collin's underwear - mercedeslove

Angel/Collins - sofetchchrissay
Mark/Camera - sharpiestars
Maureen/Joanne - theonlysupergir
Roger/Mark - otakuoverlorde
Roger/Mimi - darko4ever

"Another Day" - chale
"Christmas Bells" - sofetchchrissay
"Contact" - noble_knave
"Get Over It" (from the NYTW) - bargaining
"Goodbye Love" - karli4eva221
"Halloween" - _tifalockhart
"He Says" (from the NYTW) - trekkiepirate
"I'll Cover You" - thealiasiskatie
"I'll Cover You (Reprise)" - koriemo
"La Vie Boheme A" - xicheerbearix
"La Vie Boheme B" - elphabactress
"Light My Candle" - thefinalflight
"Love Heals" (from the movie soundtrack) - tornado88o
"One Song Glory" - takemebaby
"Open Road" (from the NYTW) - rnbwconnection7
"Out Tonight" - heartplace
"Over the Moon" - xbroadwaydivax
"Rent" - howtomove
"Seasons of Love" - takemebaby
"Take Me or Leave Me" - violettree
"Tango: Maureen" - loveisblooming
"Today 4 U" - mercedeslove
"Voice Mail #5" (from the NYTW)- jam21
"What You Own" - bronzin_it
"Will I?" - stalkmeback
"Without You" - mad16
"You Okay Honey?"- jam21
"Your Eyes" - techiactor7
"You're A Fool" (from the NYTW) - rabidfangirlism